This exercise was to select a home based scenario as the area of interest and find the problems in that area and solve it through design. So selected my area of interest as Home Kitchen and started to research.
First of all I observed various kitchens in different parts of the world. This made it easier to choose the target audience. And then moves to survey for that I send an event based questionnaire which helped me to identify problems in various stages preceding, during and after the cooking activity. Then I did a thorough analysis of all the data collected and derived the various problems faced by the users. Finally the solutions, I began to work on solutions for the various issues and test if it solves the current issues.

Area of

#Home Scenario
Kitchen and Dish Cleaning 


Kitchens are made for bringing families together
Kitch.en [kich-uhn]-noun
A gathering place for friends and family. A place where memories are homemade and seasoned with love.




#Nuclear Family
#Young Professionals

Bachelor, Married, Parents 21 - 40, Working hour – 9 -11 hour

user personae.png

Gunja Kalash

35, 10 years marriage
Happy mother of 5 year old Milky
IT coordinator, Infosys
Wakes up at 5:30
Working hours is 9 hours during covid otherwise transit time was extra
1.5 hours.
Planning to go to Iceland after vaccination is done

Shams Malik

28, Bachelor
Stuck alone in Birmingham
during covid 19

Product manager, JLR
Working hours is 9 hours
Loves Age of mythology
Netflix and chill, Spending
most of the time via
social media

Soumya S. Kumar

29, Married in 2019
 Working hours is 11  hours
Loves reading
Never misses gym
Is extremely diet conscious
Husband is also a Doctor.
Both are working in the 
same place.




case study.png

Problems and Observations

Crockery and glass dishes or plates may slip from hands very often and get cracked, Glass and cylindrical utensils like mug and bottles are difficult to clean from inside, Small cutleries and bottle tap also very difficult to clean, Uncontrollable use of Dish washer soap or Liquid, Scrubber shape, Disgusting smell ( from the mixing of food remaining with soap ) and Hygiene, Lack of adjustable water flow, Cleaning of countertop and sink interior, Rotation of utensils for easy cleaning.



Surveys and Analysis

graph 1 a.png
graph 2.png

Pain Points

Nowadays people are very much conscious about the hygiene and cleaning of their own kitchen. Cleaning Dishes are quite a chore of its own, and automated or done manually, it's a time / energy consuming activity.

1.  Problem of cleaning the small cutleries

2.  Problem of bottle and mug cleaning

3.  Problem of excess wastage of dish washing liquids or soap

4.  Hand Hygiene and Surrounding Hygiene

5.  Reduce the Time consumption


To design a product, that  aids in cleaning, drying and storing utensils with hassle free usage, for a nuclear family after every meal.

In a nuclear family The major problem they are facing is Lack of time. From the survey understood that most of the users are having some problem with the existing dish washers, like we need to spend a lot of time to set the entire dish washer, and which is helpful for the families those would like to clean the every utensils at one time mostly at night so that they will get all cleaned utensils for the next day. But in the case of Nuclear family the amount of utensils for a day is very small, and most of them are would like to clean their utensils after every meal, and in this present scenario cleaning of every utensils after every meal is necessary.

So this product is aims to create a small cleaning environment for every meal interval and which also help us to store the utensils as well with hassle free usage.

Countertop mini dishwasher

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