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Elle is my experiment on the form of yoyo. Actually elle is the same product which have no change in mechanism and design features while comparing to the yoyo except the form. Elle has one roto form inspired from the abstract shape of elephant. This is the reason behind the name also "elle". Named the product as the short form of elephant. Elephant bath is very beautiful view to watch and the heavy bath with spraying the water with its trunk was the major inspiration behind the product form. So the research part and all are same as the yoyo product. It's just a form exploration from my part as a designer, cause during the academics I thought that why shouldn't I even try some good innovative forms rather than doing the existing and usual way of form evolution for the dish washer products..So I tried something different, and this is the result. Have a look.


To design a product, that  aids in cleaning, drying and storing utensils with hassle free usage, for a nuclear family after every meal.

In a nuclear family The major problem they are facing is Lack of time. From the survey understood that most of the users are having some problem with the existing dish washers, like we need to spend a lot of time to set the entire dish washer, and which is helpful for the families those would like to clean the every utensils at one time mostly at night so that they will get all cleaned utensils for the next day. But in the case of Nuclear family the amount of utensils for a day is very small, and most of them are would like to clean their utensils after every meal, and in this present scenario cleaning of every utensils after every meal is necessary.

So this product is aims to create a small cleaning environment for every meal interval and which also help us to store the utensils as well with hassle free usage.

Countertop mini dishwasher

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